Beginnings of a new story…

Years ago, I hoped to become a novelist, but I relegated it to a way to pass the time and not as a serious pursuit in mid-20s. My one resolution this year is to finish a new story for publishing. This is an early draft of what I’m currently working on.

“My life isn’t what I want it to be.”

That was the uppermost thought in Veronica Benefit’s, better known as Ronnie, mind as she stared into her bathroom mirror on the morning of her 33rd birthday. Thirty-three and a stalled career. Thirty-three and childless. Thirty-three and single.

Newly single at that.

Okay…not newly. Ronnie had been in a “situation” for the past year with a dentist namedCorey Dixon. Tall, well-spoken, amazing body, killer smile. He was the exact  package that professional black women wanted in a husband.

Which he was why he was already someone’s husband.

Ronnie did not look away from the judgment she saw in the mirror. There was no need to hang her head about a situation she entered into willingly. She’d known Corey was married when they held eye contact after meeting at a networking dinner. She ‘d known he was married when he called her office the next day and invited her to lunch to discuss bringing his dental practice to her firm. She’d known he was married when twenty minutes after the check was paid, she was naked and beneath him.

Ronnie was a defense attorney, specializing in medical malpractice for one of the top law firms in Dallas, Texas. And she was one of the best in her field. She worked long hours and weekends to ensure that. She networked; she befriended; she even used her feminine wiles when necessary. Her career was Priority One for her. Second was her bank account. Third was her family and so forth. Down the list was her personal life somewhere. So when her long dormant libido sparked up at the touch of Corey, she did not ignore it.

There was no seeable reason to do such. One hour of sex in a lifetime of many hours. He was ten years her senior and lived three hours away. It was a strong probability that they would not see each other again. Ronnie would indulge in the minutes of sin, repent, and continue with her life.

That had been the plan anyway. What she had not counted on was the amazing conversation that preceded the hour of sex. The like-mindedness, the witty humor, the intellectual challenge. Corey woke up something that she had not been aware was asleep. Desire. When she returned to her office that day, all she’d wanted was more of him.
And Corey did not disappoint. He brought his practice, Dixon Dentistry, to her firm within weeks. Though her firm, Esser and Goodman, had an office in Houston, Corey preferred to deal with the Dallas office and Ronnie. Every few weeks, he’d visit for professional reasons– sometimes actual, mostly faux. If one of them had a meeting or conference out of town, the other would find a reason to be in the same city.

That is how Ronnie found herself in a “situation.”


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