Your Purpose Is To Slay

There’s this saying which states, “Everything you thought would break you, didn’t.” Another one states, “You’ve survived all of your worst days.” I am aware of how cliché they sound, but are they not true? I remember every rejection that made me doubt myself: a promotion I didn’t receive, a guy I liked who wasn’t meant for me, a pair of jeans I still couldn’t zip after weeks of a bland diet. My day would be ruined, and that failure would govern my attitude for days or months. My fear of rejection has kept me from seeking a lot of opportunities that were probably meant for me, but I, and I alone, talked myself out of it. The damage of those rejections were only temporary, but it took me far too long to realize that, to realize I was languishing in my pain.

In one of the few quiet moments I had this past weekend, I caught the end of an episode of “Iyanla: Fix My Life.” In this episode, a husband revealed to his wife that when he proposed twenty years prior, he was only joking. There were also tales of cheating, removal of his wedding ring, a heartbreaking letter—just a number of things that hurt me to imagine the damage it was doing to his wife’s psyche. Between my thoughts about this episode and conversations I had over the weekend with a few female friends about the men in their lives, I intended for this post to be about the damage men and their bullshit cause.

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Wait on Him for Him

For the past month, I have been reading The Wait by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good. It was suggested to me by a male friend who is as far from celibacy as Hugh Hefner, but it was making such an impression on him that I just had to read it for myself. Mind you, I am an avid reader, but any literature which can be classified as self-help does not earn room on my bookshelf. However, I am glad I found room as it is a very worthwhile read. As I progressed through it, I shared passages on social media, but please read it for yourselves. If your spirit and mind are open, I doubt you will be disappointed. Since I finished the book, I’ve been lead to read Making Great Decisions for A Life Without Limits by T. D. Jakes. (I quit this book. That man talks too much.)

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You Must…To Board This Ride

I do not have a perfect waist to ass ratio.  In actuality, the ratio is more inverted.

I hate cooking. A pot hasn’t consummated with the stove in my house since winter.

My mouth is reckless and my sports tolerance is low.

And I may (occasionally!) have three one shot too many.

For some men, one, two, or all of those things may be a major turnoff.  I don’t meet their standards. And you know what? Fuck their shallow asses! All ninjas want today are IG models and mindless fans. When is the REAL woman’s turn??


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