Can’t You See My Joy?


I’m living my best life. And I know that because my joy radiates. My happiness is so genuine now. It isn’t dictated by how my work day progresses, if texts are replied to in a timely fashion, if payday is imminent, if Chadwick Boseman winked at me (don’t pop my bubble), etc. When I relinquished control of this journey, there came this recognition that anything which threatened my contentment had already been taken care of. I will always have everything I need. Why overwhelm myself with tomorrow’s concerns when I did the same thing yesterday regarding today? And look! Today’s here and every need is being met. My priority each day is to allow God to lead, and if I depart on a detour during these twenty-four hours, I know He’s standing right there with His arm outstretched awaiting my return.  This joy is not man-given so man can’t take it away, no matter what the day brings.

“I can beat the night/ I’m not afraid of thunder/ I am full of light/ I am full of wonder”

Do you know what happens when people start noticing your happiness? Some want to discover why, and when I reply similarly to above, they start asking specific questions to hopefully reveal that your life is not as perfect as you portray. Well, how’s the job going? How’s the weight loss coming? Or the most common, since I do not hide my single status, you found somebody yet?

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Admission Standards



God has given me thirty-odd years on this terra with y’all and one fact that I have conclusively learned about myself is…

I hate a lazy ass man.

Like seriously. That nonsense just irks my soul on a molecular level.

Even my mitochondria are irritated.

Texting pointless statements like “Wyd?” “What you getting into this weekend?” “Oh for real?”

Why are you wasting my time? If you want to see me, make a plan. This endless texting is for preteens. I got shit to do. *deep, calming breaths*

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The Sum of Our Pain

The most dangerous thing I know comes with a heartbeat.

There is no weapon on this earth more fatal than a human being. We hurt each other. We destroy each other’s spirit. We strike first before another can because they definitely will. (/end sarcasm) :-/ We even share memes about how heartless we are as if it’s a badge of honor.

You’re not fooling anyone, sweetie.

More so, we are a danger to ourselves, to our own happiness. We put our pride before God’s guidance. We fear what our friends think more than the desires of our own heart. We’d rather be alone and miserable than stamp down our ego and need someone.


We are all just broken hearts walking next to each other leaving more pain in our wake. There really should be warning signs posted.

DANGER: A Jagged Heart Lives Here.

We think we’re being wise when we cut ties with someone but truly, we are just scared out of our minds.

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