This Little Ego of Mine

I have a huge ego. I honestly believe I’m amazing. I describe myself as brilliant with no trace of humility. I strut proudly in heels with my head high because cognitively, I know a star is blessing the populace with her presence.


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Atlantis > Men

Men aren’t THAT impressive. (I know what I said last week. Shush.)

I mean…they’ll do.

  • When the trash needs taking out
  • When something heavy needs to be moved
  • When there’s a spider

But honestly…

I’m more intrigued by Atlantis. Did it ever really exist?

So in my thirty-*mumbles* years on this earth, I cannot understand how they keep discombobulating us women! We are the smarter sex. So how are they getting away with it?

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His Reward For A Job Well Done

I want to be his trophy.

I want to be that shiny brass he holds over his head. 

I want to be the gold medal he wears proudly.

I want to be his trophy. 


He had the courage to speak truth to me, and I haven’t been able to extricate myself since.  Nor do I want to. He is that inspiration that I’ve been waiting on. He challenges me, stands toe to toe with me, points out my bullshit. Supports me but does not enable me.  Spoils me but does not bow to me. His voice is the first and the last I hear each day. He is my anchor, my endless supply of strength. My courage to go forth and risk knowing that he will not let me fall. His love is my truth.

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