Atlantis > Men

Men aren’t THAT impressive. (I know what I said last week. Shush.)

I mean…they’ll do.

  • When the trash needs taking out
  • When something heavy needs to be moved
  • When there’s a spider

But honestly…

I’m more intrigued by Atlantis. Did it ever really exist?

So in my thirty-*mumbles* years on this earth, I cannot understand how they keep discombobulating us women! We are the smarter sex. So how are they getting away with it?

7 years, 3 children, and still no ring? He kept you engaged for how long?  You found out he had family on the side when? 


He cheated; you took him back, and he cheated again? 

Nooo, huh?

You two have been sexing for 6 months, but he’s asked where this sitch is going, he replies with “Why the need for titles? We’re just kicking it” or “I’m not looking for anything serious right now.”

And let’s not forget…

As brought to my attention recently, men are “naturally programmed to be obsessed with new P.” “Sexual monogamy is unnatural.”   

All the above and more is balderdash.  Complete utter balderdash. And ladies, we are too smart, too accomplished, too educated to continue to allow them to get away with this drivel. Have you ever just looked at them when they congregate? Were you amazed by their collective brilliance? No, you were not. You were amused by how elementary the conversation was, how easily amused they were, how a fat ass rendered them all useless. And if, by chance, it does look as if a profound conversation is taking place, move closer. I guarantee it’s about fantasy football.

Are we not the more enlightened gender?

Men only attempt this BS because if it does not work on one of us, it will on another.  So if you’re the female culprit who keeps allowing these similar situations and upsetting the curve for the remainder of us, I hope your favorite bundles are discontinued.

Excerpts from a recent convo:

Male Friend:    The majority of the women I’ve dealt with feel the same way for the most part, but the relationship conversation doesn’t normally take place unless we’re having sex on a regular basis. I can normally avoid the relationship talk if I limit our encounters to once every other month or so

Nix:  See? I’m convinced men know who to pull this on

Male Friend:    You’re right…we know. For me….if I don’t make any mention of the possibility of a relationship with a woman…and she still has sex with me…Money in the bank.

Really, ladies? They are not this clever!!

We have to stop making excuses for them. It’s not their nature. It’s their choice. I don’t believe the majority of men are whores. I just don’t. Maybe I’m too hopeful. Cheating is not indicative of a “man being a man.”  If your man slept with your best friend, the nanny, the maid, etc., it wasn’t because he was a man.  He’s a hoe.  What a man wants, he goes after.  If you’re doing all the calling, setting up dates, don’t be shocked when you discover you’re just his “when I’m bored.”

Temptation does not make a man stray.  Threats will not make him marry you.  Sleeping with him early does not disqualify you from commitment. He never planned to wife you.  New P will not make him leave his wife. He never wanted to be there in the first place.

Men aren’t Navy Seals when it comes to dating.  They aren’t motivated enough to engage in subterfuge over and over again.  Cheating does not a hoe make.  Maybe…sometimes…it is just a slip up. (I don’t buy it, but for the sake of a fair argument, blah, blah).

However, a hoe does cheat. A hoe is a not a good man. We have to stop ignoring the caliber of man we choose to invite into our beds and lives. We women know what kind of man we’re getting.  We just like to believe we can change them. It must be said – nothing about you is dynamic enough to change a man. He is who he is.

Take your blinders off. Open your ears. Clear your vision. Truly see and thoroughly hear the man you’re pursuing.  Men aren’t stealthy enough to not drop clues, intentionally or not, as to who they are. Blindsides are rare. He behaves exactly like you suspected he would, no matter how much you hoped otherwise.

Maybe you need to refine what you’re looking for.  Date outside of your perfect male archetype.  Be unafraid to demand more.  Recognize that you’re deserving of it.  BE deserving of it.  And if he won’t provide it to you, then step.  Better men exist.  I promise.


If you just CANNOT find a good man, then, it’s probable that you are just attracted to hoes and cheater. Your faulty decision-making does not yield that good men do not exist. It just yields that you like to be stupid.

(This was written very tongue-in-cheek. Laugh and don’t come for me.)

Today’s Soundtrack: Tevin Campbell – Tell Me What You Want Me To Do (I’m in a 90s mood)



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