Is He A Leader or Are You Too Anxious To Follow?

Years ago, YEARS, I had the opportunity to witness two lesbians engaged in coitus. (Save your judgment for your mammy.) One was giving what seemed like amazing head to the other, and at my young 23 years of age, it was honestly the most thorough cunnilingus I’d witnessed thus far. The head was hot, unrelenting, and the woman on the receiving end looked as if she was coming out of her skin. It was a marvel to see. And it confirmed a fact that never needed confirming but nonetheless…

As hot as the scene was, there is no substitute for a man.

God did His best work when He made man. Pretty smiles, smooth skin, hard bodies. Intelligent, accomplished, ambitious. Compassionate, church-going, family oriented. Educated, self-aware, protective. Let’s just take a moment and have a praise break for all men. Sirs, you are not replaceable. We women may attempt to replicate you with our hands, with other women, with our toys, but that’s as futile as Donald Trump attempting to follow Barack Obama. It is just sad to witness.

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