Stop Doing Wife Sh** For F**kboys (Guest Post)

(Nix Note: We have a guest post today from Amelia Nathlie. If you are interested in having a post featured, send an email to

There is a new breed of men out here in the dating word. These dudes aren’t looking to enhance your life in any way. They’re entering your life with one purpose, and one purpose ONLY: Looking for a come up! These dudes want you to chase them. And they try to put you on blast when you don’t pursue them.

Think about this: These guys are complaining because women want to be courted. They don’t want to court you; they want to “wife” you (figuratively). They’re the guy who says,”How about you come and keep me company at the laundromat?” Or they’re the guy who wants you to nurse him back to health because he’s sick. No, this guy hasn’t taken you on ONE single date. No, this guy hasn’t sent nary a bouquet of flowers to your home or office. Why? Because he wants ALL the benefits of your trying to prove to him that you’re wife material. Yet, he ain’t showing you that he’s a man, let alone a husband. They’re not looking for a woman/mate/wife. They’re looking for their mother or someone who will provide those benefits to them with no accountability or reciprocation.

Ladies we MUST stop allowing this. We have to stop trying to prove our worth to someone who will never value us anyway.

A King will have absolutely NO problem with courting. Only a fuckboy (A.K.A court jester) will take issue with courting. It’s because courting is an area where he’s uncomfortable and unaccustomed.


(Nix Note: I absolutely support this concept. If he won’t claim you as his, do not treat him as if you are his. It seems today’s black man expect us to prove beyond reproach that we are worthy of a title, of girlfriend treatment. Do all the shit that you would do as my girlfriend before you are my girlfriend to prove you should be my girlfriend. And while you are doing that, I am going to keep entertaining these other women, and you can’t say anything because you’re not my girlfriend. *Jay-Z laugh* HAAA! Ladies, if you don’t slam the door on these dicks and strut away…There is no turning a fuckboy into bae. Let that MF be.)Β 

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