I Say No. She Says Yes.

I have this friend, y’all. Let’s call her Cookie. She and I have been down for decades. She knows all of my secrets, good and bad. Always by my side. Will reject a guy for me before he can even cross the room. She. KNOWS. ME. My likes and dislikes. Desires and disappointments. Her excitement sometimes outdoes mine.  Cookie has been bae before Bae was bae.

But sometimes, my friend is a straight thot, y’all.

Because lately, when I’ve been telling this ninja “no,” this backstabbing, DISLOYAL traitor is in my panties yelling “Yes!”

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DISCLAIMER: If you are related to me in any way, DO NOT READ this. I’m not explaining why. Just don’t. And if you do decide to read it, do not text me about it. I warned you.

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I Dance Like I Got Diamonds At The Meeting of My Thighs

Today is International Women’s Day! So you know my feminist/womanist/take no male bullshit-ist cute self was going to post today.

International Women’s Day is 100+ years old, but I’ve only known about it since 2010.  A friend from Latin America hipped me to it as in her country, huge celebrations were held for Dia de la Mujer. Here in America, outside of Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day, two specific holidays, there really wasn’t a day to honor women. But it’s nice to see how bigger this day is becoming nationally as it comes around each year. Thanks to social media and having a former President who saw women as equally capable and worthy as he saw himself.

Because we women are amazing.  I find myself in awe seeing what we accomplish from day to day. How we consistently rise no matter how much we endure – the belittlement at work, the neglect at home, the abuse from our lovers, the spite from each other.  Being a woman has never been an easy ordeal.  Regardless of any decision we make, it is viewed as wrong by this patriarchal society.

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