I Dance Like I Got Diamonds At The Meeting of My Thighs

Today is International Women’s Day! So you know my feminist/womanist/take no male bullshit-ist cute self was going to post today.

International Women’s Day is 100+ years old, but I’ve only known about it since 2010.  A friend from Latin America hipped me to it as in her country, huge celebrations were held for Dia de la Mujer. Here in America, outside of Valentine’s Day & Mother’s Day, two specific holidays, there really wasn’t a day to honor women. But it’s nice to see how bigger this day is becoming nationally as it comes around each year. Thanks to social media and having a former President who saw women as equally capable and worthy as he saw himself.

Because we women are amazing.  I find myself in awe seeing what we accomplish from day to day. How we consistently rise no matter how much we endure – the belittlement at work, the neglect at home, the abuse from our lovers, the spite from each other.  Being a woman has never been an easy ordeal.  Regardless of any decision we make, it is viewed as wrong by this patriarchal society.

Embrace your sexuality and you’re a whore.

Choose not to sleep with someone and you’re a tease. How ridiculous is it that choosing to just be friends with a man is the deplorable act of “being friendzoned.” How dare we choose not to fuck a man who wants to sleep with us?

The way we dressed is even policed.

Skirt too high? She’s a slut. Skirt too low? She’s a prude.  Wearing makeup? False advertising. No makeup? Must be gay. Clothes too tight? She’s trying to get fucked. Clothes too loose? She’s trying to get fucked by a woman. OMG! Her bra is showing! She obviously wants to be leered at. Ahhhh! I see cleavage?

How dare she breastfeed in public?

Shiiiitttt…how dare you bleed in public? I mean you’re just responsible for the human race. 

Oh wait…she’s a feminist? Ignore her, playa. She don’t like men.


And then there’s the office environment. State your opinion and you’re too aggressive. Say nothing at all and it must be because your feeble woman mind is unable to grasp the concept. A woman leaves work to take care of a sick child? She’s uncommitted to her career. A man leaves work? He’s a superdad on top of being a super-executive.

YET we are Secretaries of State, Supreme Court Justices, Network Cable Heads, Grammy record-setters, United Nation honorees, Academy Award winning directors, Presidential Candidates.

You wake up each morning and get your children (and probably your neighbor’s) to school.  You put on your uniform (DKNY or Wendy’s) and work hard & long for less pay and respect. You deal with idiot politicians attempting to snatch your rights away at every opportunity yet you persevere. You pay taxes to a country where your leader is a sexual predator. You know that no matter how hard you work, how long you study, you will always be viewed as inferior to the idiot male doing headstands in the breakroom. You know that the biggest threat to women is men yet you bravely face them each day.  You make sure you always have your keys in hand as a weapon when alone in an unsafe environment. You cross the street when you see three or more men congregated to avoid being harassed. You get dressed for yourself every morning, but some fucking way, when you leave the house, men assume it is for them.

My hands are actually shaking as I type this because it happens to me far too frequently. A man will touch you, grab you, pull at you just because he thinks he can. We face each day knowing that at any moment, our agency can and will be snatched from you. And if you complain about it, somehow it’s always our fault. And if you dare defend yourself, you’re a stuck-up bitch. You wouldn’t be dressed that way or dancing like that if you didn’t want male attention. Any male of course.

But still…we rise! We hold onto our femininity in this man’s world and are judged for it.  Our achievements are described as luck instead of the result of years of hard work.  Our errors are magnified and said to be the result of our woman state.  But…we rise!

Ladies, I don’t need a #DayWithoutAWoman to recognize how amazing and NECESSARY we are. I know you. I see you. I see you dropping your children off, grabbing a coffee, and still strutting into that office by 9AM. I see you turning your passion for makeup/fashion/writing into dividends. I see you coaching and teaching and fighting. I see you holding your tears until you’re behind closed doors. I see you trying to remain positive though men have disappointed and tried to break you. I SEE YOU.  There would be no humanity without you. This world would not exist without you. No matter what it is said, this world should and does revolve around you. You deserved that pedestal before you took your first step. They wouldn’t constantly attack your power if you didn’t have any to lose.


So SPEAK UP even if your voice wavers. STAND UP and BE ACKNOWLEDGED. Cover yourself from head to toe or wear a top with a v-neck that goes to your navel. BE WHO YOU ARE. And always remember WHOSE YOU ARE.  No one, including another woman, has any right to decide anything for you.

Girl, you’d better slay. Because you are God’s most amazing creation. He created Man and knew he would require help. When He made us, He made nothing else. Does that not tell you everything you need to know?

This day is yours.  Celebrate you and allow no one to make you feel less than the amazing goddess you are…today or any other day.



March 8 Soundtrack: Janelle Monae – Q.U.E.E.N.


One thought on “I Dance Like I Got Diamonds At The Meeting of My Thighs

  1. YESSSSSSS hunny!!!!! In the words of James Brown and Chance the Rapper “This is a Man’s world. But it would be NOTHING without a woman or a girl”!!!! YOU, my dear, JUST killed the internet! #DayWithoutAWoman #IWearRedToday

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