DISCLAIMER: If you are related to me in any way, DO NOT READ this. I’m not explaining why. Just don’t. And if you do decide to read it, do not text me about it. I warned you.

Now, ladies and gents, can we talk about Head? That act of taking that good D into your mouth and sucking out his soul? Can we discuss the authority that overwhelms you when your hands wrap around the back of his thighs to pull him closer and you feel his shudders as he slides down your throat? Hearing him audibly confirm–those beautiful moans for mercy–the potency of my oral ministering is as big a turn-on as when he’s the one doing the ministering. He’s in the sunken place now. Honestly, baby, just fuck my face.


Growing up from my teens and through my 20s, I felt giving head was beneath me. If he received oral from me, it was his birthday or he earned it. And it was rare I offered it until completion. I wasn’t swallowing that funky shit. Head required women to be in such a subservient position. Kneel before him? Ha! Get the fuck out of here. It just was not happening.

That was then. I’m a grown ass woman now.

We all know I don’t fear smacking the hell out of a man if necessary. I will square up with a ninja when he has me fucked all the way up. But you know what else I’ve learned? That saying older women tried to teach our super-independent asses about “sugar attracting more flies than salt?” They were right. When his soul is in your throat, he will acquiesce to whatever you wish. Relax your throat and inhale every inch. Your eyes may water. Your gag reflex will protest. Suffer through it. You can breathe again in a few minutes. And if you simply must breathe, keep your hand wrapped tight around it.You have to approach that dick like there’s a Sephora gift card at the end. Like it will resurrect your edges. You need to suck the mitochondria out of him.You have to give Head like you’ve never been inside a church in your life.

My motivation is simple: I want to give Head as excellently as I want to receive Head. When he rises from between these thighs, I want to see my essence all over his face. I don’t want any man treating my yoni like he’s afraid of it. Dive in and drown. I want to be feasted on so thoroughly and mercilessly that it is an out of body experience. I want to look at him when I come down after the second/third/fourth O like that MF has the glow.


I trust I don’t have to tell you to not go around letting any and every ninja meet your esophagus. I trust I don’t have to tell you that what you choose to do with your body and who you choose to do with is no one’s concern but your own. I trust that you know being labeled as a hoe is simply someone’s opinion and is no reflection of you.There’s nothing more powerful than a woman confident and embodying her sexuality. Sex is meant to be enjoyed and be as filthy as possible. And a man…mmm…a man needs to be reminded just who gave birth to whom.

So when you need to return a man to his knees, drop to yours.


Weekend Soundtrack: Marsha Ambrosius – 69 (Duh.)

So tell me, ladies, am I off the mark here? What are your feelings about Head?


18 thoughts on “Head.

  1. Gentleman here and I wish all women knew this! Nothing like a woman that can take your soul via fellatio! When her head game is right ladies all we see is the words “FINISH HIM” Like on the game mortal combat and you can get what ever you want from us! Hell if her head game that immaculate all she hearing from me is what chores would you like for me to do today dear! Lol, this article is dead on!

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  2. Hahahahaha!!! I love this!!! You know all of my thoughts. We’re friends for a reason! It’s true… you can’t expect the best from him if you’re half stepping with giving. Me personally, as much as I agree with you, I make it about me. It just so happens that he gets to enjoy just as much or more than I do.

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  3. I once attended a small, intimate bridal shower and the conversation turned to oral sex. Two of the women (both married) outright refused to fully satisfy their men this way but expected this satisfaction from their spouses. All I could think was, “Oh, their poor husbands. ”

    Give it all or nothing!

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  4. Very well put. When a woman realize the power she has with her mouth piece she will feel like she can take over the world. Remember ladies relax your throat and don’t let the teeth touch that beautiful muscle.

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