Black Women, Have I Told You How In Love I Am With You Lately?

Quick Question!

If you ever needed immediate help, who would arrive first?

  1. Police
  2. Jimmy Johns
  3. A Black Woman

If your answer was anything other than “3,” you are not ready for this site and should go read Yahoo Personals or something.

There is something about Black Women. Call it #magic. Call it being formed and cultivated in deep, rich African soil. Call it the resilience of lasting through centuries and centuries of attempts to eradicate us from this Earth. Call it setting trends from the motherland to Compton yet earning no recognition. But a Black Woman has that…. She just is…

A Black Woman IS.

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All Points Bulletin Friday

I’m no longer much for double standards, gender norms, or societal roles. Left that nonsense in the last decade. Be who the hell you are. Fear no one’s judgement. Be restricted by no one’s opinion. If the lanes available to you will not allow you to be your 100% authentic self, create your own lane. Different beliefs aside, you have one life. Let no one limit your existence.

I prefaced with that call-to-arms to say this: I’ll talk about head, D, penetration, sex whenever I want to talk about such.  I’ll wear a top with a V to my navel and my breasts high enough to hold my bowl of cereal. And let me tell y’all men something…

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