For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Homicide…

…when fuck niggas aren’t enough.

I wonder if women were to judge men a much as we choose to judge other women, would more men grow the fuck up? Like maybe if we stopped laughing when our male friends tell us how he’s fucking over another woman and instead commiserate with that woman because we have all been in that position tell that nigga what a piece of shit he is?

Let me warn you now. The original draft of this rant is posted so the language won’t be pretty. Nor will I play devil’s advocate and try to understand from the male point of view because…fuck you.

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My Fuckin’ Ex

You all have that one MF in your past that no matter how badly he fucked up, no matter how long it has been since you’ve communicated with him or even thought about his ass, no matter who is currently knocking your ass down…that one MF could get it without even speaking a word? That one ex who even saying his name leaves your panties just a little damp? That one bastard who carved his name on your inner walls at a depth no other man has even come close to reaching?


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