Ladies, I think I may have been steering you wrong. You see I’ve told you what love should feel like, how a man should treat you, where your standards should be. And all of that does matter. And if any of you use IG, you know one of the most popular hashtags is #relationshipgoals. It’s inspirational to see these amazing couples sharing their happiness with the world, and we are all hopeful that one day that will be us. And though I am no love expert, I am more than willing to share my trials and tribulations on my journey to finding my happy ever after on this site with you.

But I have to be truthful here. I’ve had pleasant relationships in my life, but nothing has ever made me happier than GOOD Dk. I’ve stated how amazing sex is a huge must of mine, but I feel I need to properly emphasize and encourage what Dk is and is capable of and how you should never settle for a lesser Dk. And what better time than the Monday before Thanksgiving because I am very thankful for GOOD Dk. So thankful, I’ve decided upon a new hashtag for today. #RelationshipGoals are nice and heartwarming, but #DkGoals are what’s required. I don’t want nice. My heart isn’t what I want touched. I want intoxication. I want my soul snatched. I need that GOOD.

Those of you who follow me on Facebook or IG know I’ve recently encountered a Dk that has expanded not only my 💦 but my mind as well. That dk has opened me to possibilities I didn’t even know existed. And I would just be doing a disservice to my ladies, and you men, who read my site if I didn’t tell you of the potential those inches possessed. And before we begin, exclude emotions and love and affection from this. This isn’t about an emotional connection. That’s another post. This is about Dk: the physicality of it, the thickness, the length, the strokes. This is about what it hits, how it hits, and the state it leaves Her in. Babies, #DkGoals is…


You ever had Dk go so deep, you felt your soul wrap around it?

Dk so thorough that it carves a new path?

Dk so memorable that Her knows its near before your brain does?

I’ve had decent Dk before, and it got the job done. I’ve had good Dk and it had me at work the next day touching myself. I’ve had amazing Dk that had me tolerating BS from a no-good MF for much longer than I should have. Dk is capable of all these things. I just demand that if I’m going to put Her at risk, if I’m going to put my intelligence aside, the Dk gotta be better than just good.

That Dk better wake my neighbors in the building over.

That Dk should be so intense that I fear not returning from my own orgasm.

That Dk needs to be so good that you (ALMOST) want to share it with your friends because you can’t accurately describe the masterpiece it was.

I’ve allowed myself to settle before. I dug his personality, so even though I did not cum every time, I convinced myself it was enough. Sex is not important. It’s character, stability, respect, honesty, etc.

I used to be stupid. I’m smarter now. Orgasms are important. Good Dk is NECESSARY. And I’m sorry to tell you gentleman, most of you do not have it. Some of that blame may lie with us women. Similar to dating, relationships, etc, we women have not demanded you step up.

Allow me to tell you today, November 20, 2017, step your dk game up.

Now I know some of you are just small and there’s nothing you can do about that. Bless your heart. I…uh…my man doesn’t have the problem so I ain’t got no advice for you. I’m sure you can google it and find some options somewhere else. But this is about #DkGoals, and lowercase d will just never be #DkGoals. 💁🏾‍♀️

You see?

#DkGoals are as thick as a wrist and 8 inches plus.

#DkGoals enter the bedroom a full second before he does.

#DkGoals handle any position without sliding out.

#DkGoals endure until she orgasms over and over.

#DkGoals have a minimal refractory period.

#DkGoals are inspiring your girl to write this post.


Sweetie, if you can’t make Her talk to you, don’t step to me. If your dk can’t bend a woman to your will, you have no business sliding into any woman’s inbox. If you’ve never caused a woman to leave the bed looking like a water spill, if her nails have never left your back battered, don’t ever brag on your dk game.

There is a difference when a woman wants to sex you because she has feelings for you and wants to grow that connection and when a woman just needs to fuck you. And if you have to think about the difference, you are not #DkGoals.

Ladies, we deserve Dk that we want to fuck. No. We deserve Dk that DESERVED to be fucked.

Dk you just want to nurture and spoil, ask about its day, make sure it had its dinner. Dk that will have you on your knees singing “Cater 2 U.“

Dk that will leave Her in need of tender care the next day. Have you taking a long soak in an Epsom bath.

We deserve mythical Dk.

Devilish Dk.

Dk that makes you forget you went to college, that you go to church, and your family reads your website. 🤦🏾‍♀️

#DkGoals is just…Ooh. Shit. Damn.


Today’s Soundtrack: Silk – I Can Go Deep

Notes –
Her = vajayjay
Dk = Duh.
Illustrator – Pachu M. Torres

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