Stand In Your Truth (Guest Post)

(I know my Friday posts are usually filthy but I have a Guest Post for you today. My introduction for this piece is brief because her words blew me away. It resonates with me so strongly not only because I know the author’s story, but also because I relate to how the judgment of others withholds our true selves. Please enjoy this profound post from #0328.)

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Where’s The Rest of It?

“Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!”

I’m certain that I wasn’t the only child hearing this as they grow up. You see something delicious and take more of it than you are capable. But you really really want it and you convince yourself that you are going to EAT IT ALL. But you can’t. Your mom was right. And if she was like my mother, she still made you stay at the table until you finished. I assumed she was just being mean, but it was to teach us not to do that again. To know your limits.


Why so many of y’all keep wading in waters you can’t swim in?

Diving into depths where you can’t reach the bottom?

Trying to handle curves your skills aren’t equipped for?

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