Where’s The Rest of It?

“Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!”

I’m certain that I wasn’t the only child hearing this as they grow up. You see something delicious and take more of it than you are capable. But you really really want it and you convince yourself that you are going to EAT IT ALL. But you can’t. Your mom was right. And if she was like my mother, she still made you stay at the table until you finished. I assumed she was just being mean, but it was to teach us not to do that again. To know your limits.


Why so many of y’all keep wading in waters you can’t swim in?

Diving into depths where you can’t reach the bottom?

Trying to handle curves your skills aren’t equipped for?

Principally, why so many of y’all keep setting our hopes up knowing you can’t fuck?


There is nothing worse than finally getting this man who has been talking that good shit in your ear for months, weeks, days (I ain’t judging) behind closed doors and he pulls out a toddler. Or he eats the vjj like it’s a 4 for $4 instead of savoring it like the foie gras it is. Or even worse, when he has the necessary equipment but can’t last, can’t recover, and/or has the rhythm of a broken washing machine.


Stop seeing with your eyes and see through your D! Is your D worthy of that woman? How’s your grip game? Will you be able to keep your bearing when she throws it back? How about your length? When she puts her ankles to her shoulders, can you occupy that new space? When she begs for more, do you have more to give?

Bruh…is your dick the Grim Reaper or not? Can you take my soul or nah?

Know your lane. Compete in the appropriate league for you. Don’t try to play in the majors when your bat is minor league. Don’t try to compete in the Premier when you’ve never found the goal. Don’t climb in the ring with Ali when you couldn’t handle Liston.


My bedroom ain’t for amateurs. I don’t host remedial classes. If you talk that good shit about blowing my back out, I’d better wake up paralyzed. If you swore your D could touch what no man before you has, it better tickle my ovaries.

And eff that bullshit you men claim about a woman not having any walls because of the amount of D she’s had or her yoni being too wet/good/whatever so that’s why you bust so quickly. That nonsense don’t fly around here. If a woman can push out a 5+ pound baby and snap back, it’s not her lack of walls to blame for your inadequacy, it’s your lack of dick, sir. Moreover, if you cum before she gets hers, your dick game is just juvenile. Call her when it has a 401k.

Stop biting off more than you can chew. Because when that ass starts choking, Ima let you die.

Little boy, don’t waste a grown woman’s time.

Today’s Soundtrack: Missy Elliott – One Minute Man


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