Makeup Sex

We Sagittarians are infamous for our brutal honesty. We tend to lack tact and ignore social graces when talking. Our straightforward manner of speaking leads us to be plenty argumentative, and the accuracy of that is astounding in my case. If you ask anyone who knows me personally why I’m not married, they’d probably offer my mouth. If you asked my past lovers why we weren’t successful, they’d say my mouth. If you ask my mother what my main malfunction is, she’d also say my mouth.

My tactless tongue has caused me plenty grief in several areas of my life particularly relationships, but it has also led me to some of the greatest makeup sex. Is there anything better than having a man traumatize your yoni? I mean, pin your ankle to your shoulder and just have no mercy? Aggressively remind you and that mouth of yours which one of you is holding 7+ inches?

I put my man through it, chile. 🤦🏾‍♀️ He has this amazing command of his emotions, so he doesn’t immediately respond to my antagonism. And since I’m the type of woman who must have her feelings acknowledged, my words only grow sharper and more hostile. Ignoring me is like waving red in front of a bull. When the argument is finally resolved verbally, he’s very calm and thoughtful as he puts me on my ass. Yet when he does figuratively put me on my ass, he puts it on my ass.

That anger. That need to touch me a lesson. That reminder of where my place is. Give that all to me, sir. I have been insubordinate, disobedient, childish, and beyond difficult. Only a punishing by a relentless d*cking will appropriately discipline my bad ass. Who needs to walk tomorrow? Stability on two feet is so overrated anyway. Just shut my ass the fuck up.


What makes makeup sex so amazing is the release of the tension you’ve both been lumbering under. As someone described it yesterday, there’s an emotional reconnection. It’s the relief that the fight is finally over, and the relationship survived. It’s your body’s gratitude that you’ve stopped denying it satisfaction. Makeup sex is like a no holds barred match. There is no mercy, and nothing is off-limits. Strokes so threatening that you don’t know if your yoni is weeping for joy or for fear. His hand around your neck and shoulder as he treats your body like his D is a rowing machine. You may believe your man has been fucking you properly. Makeup sex will reveal exactly what he has been holding back.

I succumb to Stockholm Syndrome after makeup sex. I’m so in love with the “abuse” this MF just laid on me, my face is the heart emoji. 😍 I got bruises in places and soreness in others. My hard drive has been completely wiped of all arguing commands, and if you ask me my name, I’ll look to him for the answer. The only words I’m left with are “yes” and “more.” My ass has been chastised. This was all yours, baby. I don’t know what the fuck I was even thinking.

If you’re fighting with someone, just concede so you can win. You won’t even remember what you were fighting about anyway. And if you’re not fighting, start ONE. 😏 Trust me. The D is worth it.

I’m sorry. Forgive me, daddy, because I know not what I do. Bend me over?


Today’s Soundtrack: The Transitions – Straight…


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