“I’ll Show You Crazy”

“Why you always gotta act crazy?”

“My last ex was whoo! That bih was crazy!”

“They say crazy chicks have the best p***y, but y’all asses be tripping!”

I hope my readers could visualize my eyeroll as I typed that BS. It’s been my intent to address this topic for a while, but I’ve had a terrible case of writer’s block. I’ve been dealing with some things professionally, financially, nigga-ly. My ass has been walking around with hearts for eyes and under a dick spell, and my motivation to write has been missing. I’m feeling at my mightiest today, though. My “Don’t Give A Fuck” has finally stopped malfunctioning.

Crazy. Motherfuckers love throwing that word around. Anytime a woman reacts to their BS, they want to label you as such. If you’re going to call me crazy when I curse you out and block you, I might as well set your house on fire, too.

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Women, Help Us Help You

(Today’s post comes from our new male voice on the site, Mitch! If you follow our FB page, then you have previously been introduced to his perspective. Regardless, you are in for a treat.)

This morning, I’ve been thinking about my life and all of the people who have helped me become a half way decent adult and 90% of those people are women. My wife, of course, but also my mom, aunts, friends, teachers, neighbors, church members, etc. With that in mind, I started to focus on how much influence women really have on men. I’m going to generalize a bit, but I’m willing to bet most men agree with me (even if they won’t admit it).

I was watching an old interview with President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama a couple of nights ago, and a reporter asked her about an old boyfriend and what would she be doing if she wasn’t FLOTUS. Without missing a beat, she replied, “I would still be First Lady because he would have been President.” If that doesn’t tell you how much power and influence women have, nothing will.

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Eviction Pending…

Writing articles lately hasn’t been an easy task for me. There’s only so much about my relationship I’m willing to detail publicly (or that he’s willing to allow). Also, my energy level hasn’t been the same since my surgery, and work & stress take the little I do have. The paramount reason has been that I do not like to write from a hypocritical standpoint. I am unable to write with an angry perspective when I’m happy, and I can’t tell you to know your worth when I’m constantly flailing to grasp mine.

Listen, I believe no healing comes from lies so let me share my truth as it stands on June 1, 2018. I am very emotionally and physically attached to the man I’m with. Mentally and spiritually, though, it is a struggle week to week. We argue. We ignore each other for a few days. One of us apologizes, and everything is calm until the next difficult conversation. It’s a cycle that takes a toll on my energy. I’m up; I’m down. The shit’s exhausting.

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