Women, Help Us Help You

(Today’s post comes from our new male voice on the site, Mitch! If you follow our FB page, then you have previously been introduced to his perspective. Regardless, you are in for a treat.)

This morning, I’ve been thinking about my life and all of the people who have helped me become a half way decent adult and 90% of those people are women. My wife, of course, but also my mom, aunts, friends, teachers, neighbors, church members, etc. With that in mind, I started to focus on how much influence women really have on men. I’m going to generalize a bit, but I’m willing to bet most men agree with me (even if they won’t admit it).

I was watching an old interview with President Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama a couple of nights ago, and a reporter asked her about an old boyfriend and what would she be doing if she wasn’t FLOTUS. Without missing a beat, she replied, “I would still be First Lady because he would have been President.” If that doesn’t tell you how much power and influence women have, nothing will.


Now, ladies, chances are you don’t have a potential President, but you do have a guy that you can motivate to apply for that promotion, finish that degree, or open that business he’s always dreamed about. Jay Z and R. Kelly have a song on their The Best of Both Worlds album called “The Power of the P***y.” It’s vulgar, but you follow this page so I doubt you care. (Nix Edit – Don’t judge our readers!😑) No truer song has ever been written. My wife has both the ability to make me feel like I can accomplish anything and the power to make me feel worthless. Thankfully, she’s encouraging and super supportive. I accomplished some things without her, but so much more since she’s been in my life. I’ve been fortunate to visit a lot of awesome places around the world, but I remember mostly the places I’ve been with her. After her, mediocrity was no longer an option. My work has ethic increased because her saying “I’m proud of you” outweighed all other noise.

I’m not saying you can’t accomplish things without a woman, but I am saying with the right one, YOU WILL ACCOMPLISH MORE. Beside every great man is a great woman. Women, be great. Demand more. Don’t settle. I know a lot of you attend church and will to use the Bible to say men should be leaders and providers and all of that. Yes, you’re right, but this is a broken world. God’s design has been jacked up for a long time. I’ll just end with this, I’m not telling you to go out and get a fixer upper, but if he’s not all the way there or stuck in a spot, an encouraging word will go much further than tearing him down. Women are the great motivators.


3 thoughts on “Women, Help Us Help You

  1. Let the church say Amen…say Amen again. I agree but it’s not always on the men. Yes some men have that woman right in their face but will overlook them for the upcoming Instagram model and then wonder why he can’t get any encouragement from her. Then some women talk about the man that’s working hard but don’t have as much as the next but then wonder why he is not picking up the phone. It’s time that men and women know their value and use it to improve their own lives by improving each others. Remember President Obama had a old beat up car with holes in the floor when he took Michelle on their first date that wasn’t a date and look at them now.

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  2. Lawdddddddd!!! Mitch preached on a Tuesday! I’m tired of your page taking me to revival when I’m expecting raunchy, feminist, trash talk. But can someone point me in the direction of the offering basket???

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