Imma Gambler (Guest Post!)

(Nix Note: We have a guest post today from Amelia Nathlie! This is her second post for the site. Find her first here. If you are interested in having a post featured, please send an email to

Yep! You read it right! Like Usher, this is My Confession. I gamble with everything in my life. Gambling is about logic, not just luck. It’s about strategy. Know what you’re willing to lose and stop there. Recently, I’ve anted up my heart. I risked it ALL for love.  (I KNOW. Silly me huh?) Maybe I should see an addiction counselor, but just stick with me.

It was more than a coincidence to sit behind this man at a football game, only to find out he’s the same man that my daughter was trying to tell me about a few weeks before that. Nope. I was just in the right place at the right time. He inquired about me, and my logic kicked in “This is divine placement.”  We started dating and things started getting more and more serious. The naysayers were seated appropriately in their judgment section with their usual pledges, anthems, and mottos. Strong-willed, determined, and armed with a strategy, I was ready for a seat at the table.

Nope, he ain’t 6 feet tall.

Nope, he ain’t slim and trim.

Nope, he doesn’t make as much as I do.

He’s a country boy and I’m a city girl.

Yep, he met the kids.

Yep, he moved to be with me.

Yep, we traveled.

All winning hands and situations. Then BOOM! I was dealt a losing hand. All those winnings went out the window.  But, as I stated earlier, I am a gambler. So a gambler’s mentality kicked in. I knew what I was willing to lose. I didn’t care about money or material things. I cared so little about the heartbreak and the sleepless nights and the days without an appetite. Everything was at stake except my livelihood and my peace of mind.

So I went into my emotional ATM as any gambler would. I withdrew it all, doubled down, and went all in. Notice that I didn’t say settled. I vocalized what my limit was and placed my bet.

gambling archer

And whaddya know? Winner Winner Chicken Dinner! Jackpot!

I got my man back, he got the success that he desired, and I’m collecting my winnings and walking away with my heart! Leaving this gambling ish for the birds.

Point of it all: It’s ok to bet on love. Just be prepared to risk it all. As they say in the industry, “Know when to stop before you start.” #KnowYourLimits

I disregarded all the naysayers. And love won.  AGAIN!

Love Wins - Happy Valentines day card with calligraphy text on w


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