Men Speak.

“But what does he mean?” How many times have you asked your friends or yourself that question? Something about your man’s behavior or words doesn’t add up, and you gotta figure this shit out. Is he finally ready to commit or is he still playing games? You believe his actions aren’t reconciling with reality when the truth usually is that the reality in your mind doesn’t reconcile with his actions. So we powwow with our friends over wine, dissect text messages, read relationship anecdotes online…any and everything to prove that you and he are heading toward a future together. You may even gather the courage to question him on his intentions, and instead of giving you a definite answer, he hems and haws, goes silent, or tells you he’s not looking for a relationship right now. And again you ask, “but what does he mean?”

I love you ladies so much that I have taken it upon myself to venture into the wolf’s den and go straight to the source. I decided to ask a few men in my life, whom I respectee, about a man’s behavior when he wants a future with a woman. Yes, I dared to try to obtain a straight answer from a man. And it turns out that it wasn’t difficult at all. I received some great responses. I’m sure you will appreciate their candor, and hopefully, it will help you evaluate the status of your current relationship. These men definitely have me putting mine under a microscope now.

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Where’s The Rest of It?

“Your eyes are bigger than your stomach!”

I’m certain that I wasn’t the only child hearing this as they grow up. You see something delicious and take more of it than you are capable. But you really really want it and you convince yourself that you are going to EAT IT ALL. But you can’t. Your mom was right. And if she was like my mother, she still made you stay at the table until you finished. I assumed she was just being mean, but it was to teach us not to do that again. To know your limits.


Why so many of y’all keep wading in waters you can’t swim in?

Diving into depths where you can’t reach the bottom?

Trying to handle curves your skills aren’t equipped for?

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Best Supporting Actress (In Your Own Movie)

I hate cowardice.

I hate a person so entitled that they believe shit should be just handed to them without any effort on their part.

Writer’s block has been le struggle for me lately. It hasn’t been due to a lack of topics. Over the past few weeks, I’ve had multiple conversations with multiple women, and they’ve all given me inspiration on specific subject matter. Not to mention my own love life drama. And Goddess knows my mind never lacks for filth. But I’ve found it hard to write because every thought I’ve had feels regurgitated. How many different ways can I tell you to know your worth and sally forth? How can I demand you, yet again, to stop settling for male bullshit?

Why do I have to repeatedly tell you to grow a fucking backbone?

I can write yet another post telling men to level up, stop the fuckboy shit, and take accountability for their actions. Men aren’t the ones whining in my ear, though. Men are so certain of their place in the world that nothing shakes their confidence. No, it’s not men whom I need to take accountability today.

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