S.A.M. (Guest Post)

It is finally December! This is my favorite time of year. I LOVE December. Between the birth of our Savior, family, Christmas lights/music/decorations, and my birthday, it all fills me with such joy and hope and most importantly, gratitude. I made it through another year. I’m grateful for all my achievements and my failures. I’m awed by the new people who entered my life and I’m heartened by those who exited because if they were meant for me, they would still be around.  I am at peace during this time of year. With so few days left, no time remains to rush and attempt to accomplish something you didn’t in the past 330 or days. Now is the time to be still and enjoy what did occur, where I am right now, and fill myself with excitement about what blessings God will bestow next year.

Today’s post is brought to you by some #blackgirlmagic, someone who I am very grateful to have in my circle. Please enjoy her beautiful pieces she has graciously allowed me to share with you today and since I know (👀)  you visit my site because this is a place of empowerment and strength and sisterhood, you will leave love and a comment.

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Stop Doing Wife Sh** For F**kboys (Guest Post)

(Nix Note: We have a guest post today from Amelia Nathlie. If you are interested in having a post featured, send an email to mydarlingnix@gmail.com.)

There is a new breed of men out here in the dating word. These dudes aren’t looking to enhance your life in any way. They’re entering your life with one purpose, and one purpose ONLY: Looking for a come up! These dudes want you to chase them. And they try to put you on blast when you don’t pursue them.

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