Boys Play Games. Men Cut Covenants.

I hate the term “game.” Loathe it. It ignites a visceral reaction in me anytime I hear it. It was uttered in my presence recently, and my attraction had an instant diminishing.

Children play games, and I am of the age when I give rapt attention to Prudential retirement commercials. I am of the age when I have more things to accomplish than I have waking hours in the day. I am of the age when there are a dozen substantial thoughts bouncing around my mind each minute, and there is no time for inconsequential things. And there is definitely no allotment in my schedule for games.

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Wait on Him for Him

For the past month, I have been reading The Wait by Devon Franklin and Meagan Good. It was suggested to me by a male friend who is as far from celibacy as Hugh Hefner, but it was making such an impression on him that I just had to read it for myself. Mind you, I am an avid reader, but any literature which can be classified as self-help does not earn room on my bookshelf. However, I am glad I found room as it is a very worthwhile read. As I progressed through it, I shared passages on social media, but please read it for yourselves. If your spirit and mind are open, I doubt you will be disappointed. Since I finished the book, I’ve been lead to read Making Great Decisions for A Life Without Limits by T. D. Jakes. (I quit this book. That man talks too much.)

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Can’t You See My Joy?


I’m living my best life. And I know that because my joy radiates. My happiness is so genuine now. It isn’t dictated by how my work day progresses, if texts are replied to in a timely fashion, if payday is imminent, if Chadwick Boseman winked at me (don’t pop my bubble), etc. When I relinquished control of this journey, there came this recognition that anything which threatened my contentment had already been taken care of. I will always have everything I need. Why overwhelm myself with tomorrow’s concerns when I did the same thing yesterday regarding today? And look! Today’s here and every need is being met. My priority each day is to allow God to lead, and if I depart on a detour during these twenty-four hours, I know He’s standing right there with His arm outstretched awaiting my return.  This joy is not man-given so man can’t take it away, no matter what the day brings.

“I can beat the night/ I’m not afraid of thunder/ I am full of light/ I am full of wonder”

Do you know what happens when people start noticing your happiness? Some want to discover why, and when I reply similarly to above, they start asking specific questions to hopefully reveal that your life is not as perfect as you portray. Well, how’s the job going? How’s the weight loss coming? Or the most common, since I do not hide my single status, you found somebody yet?

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