Dear Yoni…

Dear Pussy:

I truly need to beg your forgiveness. I apologize for every time I gave you away for less than your worth. I apologize for any time I allowed an Unqualified to believe they could get close to you. I am truly sorry for any time I subjected you to D that couldn’t fulfill you.

The biggest mistakes I’ve made in life could all be rooted in my allowing others to set my price—Lessees masquerading as Buyers, presenting an offer that should have gotten them laughed off the lot. Instead, I accepted it with the hope my value will be realized at a later date. A quote attributed to Eartha Kitt says, “Many men wanted to lay my down. Only a few wanted to pick me up.” Pussy, I am sorry for settling for the former instead of having the courage to wait on the latter.

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How I Failed To Hoe

Short Story Time!

Y’all, I tried to give my sex away last weekend.

One night stand. An old jumpoff. Your daddy. Whoever. Somebody 👏🏾 was 👏🏾going 👏🏾 to 👏🏾get👏🏾 this.

Normally, I’m not a casual sex girl. And this isn’t because of some moral high ground. It’s because my yoni just does not blink an eye for 99% of the men I meet. She is just not easily or frequently impressed.

I’ve accepted that this as my lot in my life. However, me and the Mister have been on rocky ground for the past month (i.e. I pissed him off), and I needed release. She needed some strokes.

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Eviction Pending…

Writing articles lately hasn’t been an easy task for me. There’s only so much about my relationship I’m willing to detail publicly (or that he’s willing to allow). Also, my energy level hasn’t been the same since my surgery, and work & stress take the little I do have. The paramount reason has been that I do not like to write from a hypocritical standpoint. I am unable to write with an angry perspective when I’m happy, and I can’t tell you to know your worth when I’m constantly flailing to grasp mine.

Listen, I believe no healing comes from lies so let me share my truth as it stands on June 1, 2018. I am very emotionally and physically attached to the man I’m with. Mentally and spiritually, though, it is a struggle week to week. We argue. We ignore each other for a few days. One of us apologizes, and everything is calm until the next difficult conversation. It’s a cycle that takes a toll on my energy. I’m up; I’m down. The shit’s exhausting.

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